May the floors be with you…

Just to preface this post,  over the next two days I’m going to be a blog posting machine. I’ve been sitting on a few unfinished postings that need to go out before I get to far along in the process.  I was debating whether or not I should combine them into one giant omnibus blog posting, but I think I’ll keep them separated for easier viewing.

Now on to the floors…….

……which I needed to rethink.  The more I looked at the them the more I realized they were a little too rounded….almost puffy, and I wasn’t loving the direction the textures had taken.  Seen below, the floor slabs are much tighter than my original attempt.

Anscient Temple of Karnak in Luxor - Ruined Thebes Egypt
Anscient Temple of Karnak in Luxor – Ruined Thebes Egypt. Licensed through
Columns In Dendera Temple
Columns In Dendera Temple. Licensed through


I ended up combining the floors in each room, added a lattice to each section and flattened the top quarter to get rid of the puffiness.

Three of the four floor sections: The Column Hall, 1st Pillar Hall, and 2nd Pillar Hall

After that, I went around sharpening some of the corners.  The UV’s were reapplied to each area as a whole, which would make future updates an easier task to accomplish.



The stairs leading from the column hall to the first pillar hall.


The floors for the sanctuary and adjacent storage rooms.


Author: Kris Howald

I was immersed into the world of virtual archeology for my Masters Research Project at Ryerson University.  The focus of this project was the digital reconstruction of the el-Hibeh temple in Egypt.  After four months I believe I was able to demonstrate the potential this medium has to offer as a way of bridging the past and present. I'm currently visualizing the past, present, and future of a pre-contact indigenous community.

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